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Other Designs


This section contains some of the other knife designs available.  While these are not part of my standard-pattern requests, I do make them frequently.

There are many other knife designs that are not pictured. Among them are included steak and carving sets, large Bowie knives, swords, hatchets, hog spears, etc.  These latter blade designs must be custom ordered.  Please call for pricing and other details.


 Other Designs: Sgian Dubh

Pronounced SKEEN-doo, this is the Scottish gentleman's knife. Knife is typically about 7" overall. Above photo represents impala horn handle. Custom sheath is also featured.

Hassler Hunter No. 2

Other Designs: Hassler Hunter No. 2

This pattern is referred to as the Hassler Hunter No. 2, slightly smaller than the original.  Handle materials shown are maple (top, middle) and sheephorn.



Other Designs: Tanto

The Tanto features a full tang with a guard and a butt cap made from nickel-silver.  Handle material shown is G-10 fiberglass.



Other Designs: Fillet

The fillet has a very lightweight feel and a thinly ground blade for making the thinnest cuts.  Above photograph features a variety of materials.


Baby Hatchet

Don't be surprised by the size; this is a very versatile and useful tool.  Measures 8 - 10" overall.  Many handle materials available; material shown is boxelder.


Recon Tanto

The Gambler hideaway knife

Chance Smith Texas Hunter

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